At Living Faith, we believe that both the parents and the church are called to disciple the children of the next generation.

The primary role belongs to the parents, but the church also plays a vital role. Our goal for the children’s ministry is to support and encourage parents to raise up their children in the Lord. We offer a Children’s Sunday School that helps children learn songs, Bible stories, and memory verses. We aim for it to serve as a valuable supplement to the discipleship that occurs at home. If you have children, we encourage you to bring them and join us, where they will hear about the wonder of God’s love in Christ!

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We desire to connect with one another and build up one another as Christ-centered men.

The Men’s Ministry plans sporadic trips and activities throughout the year. The men of LFPC are challenged to continue their learning of the word through a focused, summer Bible Study, which culminates with a Men's Retreat. This becomes a great opportunity for the men to have some purposeful time of fellowship and growth.

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We greatly value the spiritual growth and maturity of the women at LFPC and each year strive to equip them further through different avenues of fellowship, learning, and growth.

The women participate in a focused Bible Study during the winter and a Women’s Retreat each summer in order to spend intentional time in the word and to learn from each others’ lives. 

The Women’s Ministry is also involved with WINGS (Working to Inspire and Nurture Godly Sisters), dedicated to connecting sisters at the church who may otherwise not have a chance to interact with one another. By creating an environment where women can develop meaningful relationships, the sisters are encouraged to strengthen each other in their walks with Christ.
WINGS groups meet once a month in over 10 different locations around the Los Angeles area.

 Another area of ministry within Women’s Ministry is the Mommy Meals program. The Women’s Ministry group plans and coordinates meal delivery to expectant mothers and their families for a period of four weeks after the baby is born to provide care and support during a very important time in their lives!

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College is a unique time: you have new experiences, become more independent, and make choices
that will shape your character, your beliefs, and your future.

At Living Faith we want to be a place where college students can find guidance, support, accountability, and community.
We also want to equip students to make life choices grounded in Scripture and in light of the Gospel. We currently meet Sunday mornings at Coffee Corner to share, discuss, and pray for another.

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Young Adults

The years after college can often be filled with serious questions about your immediate future.
Who will I marry? What will I do? Where will I work? How can I grow as a person? 

Through our Young Adults Ministry, we hope to cultivate Christians who can pursue these questions while being completely devoted to the things of God. We seek to accomplish this through (1) fellowship with one another and (2) service to the church and community.
We also meet once a month for dinner and discussion on how our faith engages culture. 

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Married Couples

Though we stress the integration of all life-stage groups in our ministry, we also recognize the value of these groups gathering separately to share and address their own unique needs and struggles.

Thus, the married couples of LFPC gather together for dinner, fellowship, and discussion on marital topics. It is a great time as married couples learn God’s will for their marriage, share their struggles, and deepen relationships. If you are new to our church and are interested in joining us, please check out the Upcoming Events page for our next Married Couples Fellowship.

We look forward to seeing you! 

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Mercy Outreach

God calls upon His people to physically and actively serve as His hands and feet by compassionately reaching out to those in our community with love and care. To live out this mission Living Faith participates in ongoing opportunities to outreach to our Los Angeles community.

L.I.F.E. Ministry is a mercy outreach to the nursing home residents in East LA. “L.I.F.E.” stands for Love in Friendship to the Elderly.
We visit the nursing home monthly to offer friendship and to share the love of Christ.

VISTA Ministry is a mercy outreach to the children’s shelter at Vista Del Mar. We visit and spend time with the children to celebrate birthdays, play games, and go out on field trips. Our desire is to be an encouragement to them by sharing the love of Christ.

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Global Outreach

Long ago, God promised Abraham that “all nations would be blessed through you” (Gen. 12:3). That promise was fulfilled through Christ, and it has always been God’s plan to see the nations know Him and worship Him.  It is our desire to join God’s heart and play our part in God’s great plan of redemption throughout the world. World missions, therefore, is one of our great convictions at Living Faith.  We aim to go to the ends of the earth to share the gospel, build up churches, and see God’s name glorified.

Our strategy is to:

  1. Partner with and support those who are reformed-minded and gospel-centered in ministry. 
  2. Partner with and support those who church plant or work for/with local gospel-centered churches. 
  3. Partner with and support those whose mission work matches the passion and gifts of our members.

Missionary Partners

  1. Mitra Dangol (Nepal)
  2. Rev. Bobby Koh & Family (Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Rev. Woody Kim (Thailand)
  4. Rev. John Kim & Family (RUF Hawaii)

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